19 Senator Stout Road,  Frenchtown NJ 08825 US

We strive for 100% senior participation! Tell your friends to sign up!

This is a fun and memorable way to conclude your high school career!

CLICK THE LINK below to  access INFO about the night's events!

Project Gradation Night

Fun * food * prizes * cruise around manhattan

Start off with food in the cafeteria, win prizes (movie tickets, TVs, gift cards, gas cards, etc.), watch a hypnotist make your friends do funny things & cruise around Manhattan Island!  Food, DJ and fun on the boat!

Del Val Project Graduation

Food * Hypnotist * Prizes * Manhattan Cruise

Drug & Alcohol Free Night!

Funded by Parent & Community Efforts!

The expense of this night is covered through a joint effort of community, parents (freshman through senior), dedicated committee members and students involved in Project Graduation fund-raising.

For over 29 years, our seniors have been able to safely celebrate their 4-year achievement together without accident or incident due to this committee's efforts.

Parent volunteers from 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th grades needed!
Get involved today!!!  The students  & committee thank you!